Monthly Archives: June 2015

A blog without posts is like a body without a mind

I started this blog about one and a half years ago with no specific goals in my head. Soon, I realized that I’m a really bad writer. Every time I had ideas about a potential new post, I was stuck with putting them into a form that is concise, easy to follow and not just the regurgitation of the stuff I read.

On the other side, I do a lot of things that is not publishable. For example, would you think that one of the largest stock photo services had a bug that allowed the download of their files for free? I reported that, the issue got fixed, but got no other response. What would have happened if I wrote a post on the process? From a technical point of view, the bug was very easy to exploit (it was simply about changing the parameters in the request sent to the server and the response contained the high-quality files), but illegal as hell. Of course, writing down the process falls under freedom of speech, but by doing so one also acknowledges an act of “unauthorized use of a computer system”. That’s not a wise thing to do by any measures. Other stuff I do, like internal tool for a client company, involves non-disclosure agreements and are completely boring  for those not involved in the project.

Also, I’m very bad at teaching things to others. I love learning on my own and doing things on my own. I want to change that a little bit. Now, here’s 3 post categories I define as goals: 1) my side projects, 2) books I read, 3) article recommendations. Hopefully that will put me into the blogging mindset. I will take it as a success if I manage to produce at least 1 post per week for the rest of the year. If that happens, I will buy a WordPress premium to edit the template a bit.