TV Show: The Science of Stupid

I rarely watch TV, but caught the trailer of a show and decided to binge watch all 14 episodes of it (each is about 20 minutes long). It showcases accidents and provides short, but insightful scientific explanations on why did they happen.

The Hungarian title is “Pedig jó ötletnek tűnt…”, which translates to “But it seemed to be a good idea…”. In Germany, it was aired with a title “Wissenschaft der Missgeschicke” which is “Science of the Unlucky”. I like both of these titles more than the original, because the word “stupid” is quite derogatory for people suffering accidents while trying to push the limits of human achievement or simply having fun.

Anyways, my favorite quotes from the show:

  • Try to break the laws of science and they will break you.
  • Ignoring physics is a recipe for disaster.
  • If you ignore the laws of nature, they will pay you back.
  • Don’t just rely on blind luck, trust in science.
  • Mess with science and it will mess you up.

It’s a really-really great show, an absolute must for any nerd. If you still not convinced, here’s a summary of the topics of each episode:

Episode #1 backflip, bicycle jumps, power lifting, car jumping, guns, wheelie (motorcycle stunt)
Episode #2 treadmill, potato cannon, roof jumping, getting hit by a bullet, unicycle, combustion
Episode #3 golf cars, tree felling, towing, pogo stick, pole dancing, fireworks
Episode #4 ice, electricity, shopping carts, drifting, rope swing, discus throw
Episode #5 slippery slope, roundabout, exercise ball, diving, horse riding, rock climbing cars
Episode #6 trampolines, backflip with a scooter, swinging, windmill (breakdance move), stoppie (motorcycle stunt), karate chop
Episode #7 airbags, seesaw, human cannonball, sledge, gainer (parkour trick), waves (water)
Episode #8 bunny hop (bicycle trick), Slush Cup, monster trucks, roundhouse tricks, airfoil (paragliders and hang gliders), burnout
Episode #9 cat leap (parkour trick), wakeboarding, quads, rodeo, batmaning (hanging about by your feet), motorbike jumps
Episode #10 gymnastic bars, stilts, slingshot, human tower, golf swing, grinding (skateboard trick)
Episode #11 chili, drop-in (skateboard trick), zip wire, swing, snowboard jumps, rock climbing
Episode #12 wind (kite flying), motorboats, juggling, bungee jumping, handstand and hand walking, icy roads
Episode #13 forklift trucks, airfoils (para gliders and parachutes), downhill running, liquids and gases (pressure), ski jumping, pole vaulting
Episode #14 abseiling (rappelling), wall running and wall flip, long jump, dizziness, jousting, jets