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Two great talks from Chrome Dev Summit 2017

Fast By Default: Modern Loading Best Practices

Main points:

  • Mobile has changed everything from a UX point of view
  • Factors that impact loading time, best practices for loading
  • Important metric: time to interactive (the number of seconds before the user can make useful actions on the page)
  • Parsing JavaScript is expensive so deliver as little code as possible for low time to interactivity.
  • Test your web apps on average hardware as well, not just high-end devices.
  • Every member of the team is responsible for performance.
  • Recipe for building good websites
    • Develop on an average phone
    • Keep JS parse and eval low
    • Have a performance budget (time to interactive in less than 5 seconds)
  • Performance budget tools: Calibre, Speedcurve, Bundlesize
  • Chrome User Experience Report
  • “Progressive web apps are the new normal.”
  • People are reluctant to install apps, mobile web gets stronger.
  • Overview for the new PWAs by Pinterest and Tinder (both are based on React)
  • Webpack Bundle Analyzer
  • Improving performance is a journey. Lots of small changes can lead to big gains.
  • MOM: Measure, Optimize, Monitor

Real World WebAssembly

Main points:

  • WebAssembly is for building high-performance code and running it inside your application.
  • It’s not a replacement for JavaScript, it works alongside JavaScript.
  • Compile C/C++ to wasm modules and call it from JavaScript.
  • Almost runs on native speed and also highly secure.
  • WebSight
  • Compiling the official JPEG library to a WebAssembly module, running a JPEG transcoder in the browser
  • Overview of Scirra Construct3 (a full featured web-based game editor)
  • Future features of WebAssembly (threads, improved support for debugging, garbage collection)
  • WebAssembly is ready for prime-time production applications.

A music visualizer with p5.js

Demo (live):
Demo (video):

While browsing my Instagram feed, I have come upon an artist named Kyle Dineen who makes abstract sculptures inspired by music.

I wanted to make a music visualizer for a long time and his work seemed perfect. I wrote him a message for his permission to use his work and then decided to go with a piece called “Freeze”:

First, I have traced the shape (a polygon with 21 sides) and tried to identify its main components.

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Abstract: The Art of Design

Check this trailer:

This is one of the best documentary series I have ever seen. It is about a world that was (or still is) unknown to me: “design” as a profession. Of course, I was aware of “design” as an activity before watching, but not the depth and sophistication that goes into it.

The show explains why design is not just “applied art” but how it defines the way we feel about and interact with the world. It taught me not to think of product vs. experience: the product itself is the experience, the product creates its own world. Moreover, design is actually problem solving: good design is not only beauty but it solves problems, and bad design is not just a lack of beauty but it also creates problems.

Eight episode presents the life of eight very different personality. None of them seems to be driven by their ego but by their passion for their craft. They have an impact because their message is broader than themselves: they don’t want “my design” but “good design”.

Below are some of the words and ideas from the series that I found particularly interesting.

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365 Days of EDM on YouTube


While some say that electronic dance music is just a fad, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular music genres today.

Though I am kind of an older armchair EDM fan and not the young party animal, I was curious to see how the genre evolves over time and started brainstorming about a potential analysis, and so more than a year ago I’ve set up a small piece of software that started collecting data.

At the beginning I have asked fairly simple questions like “Which are the most popular songs?” and “How did they become popular: instantly or gradually?”, but as I was getting the answers, more and more questions have arisen and many unexpected patterns have been discovered.

In the following I present the results of my analysis and I hope you too will find some interesting bits and pieces about the worldwide EDM community.

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The 2 YouTube videos you must watch before you die

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this two talks, they were saved in my bookmarks for quite a long time, and now finally now I managed to watch them.

Both are excellent lectures full of with advice that can be applied not only to programming, but to many, if not all, areas of our lives. I highly recommend you watching these.

A blog without posts is like a body without a mind

I started this blog about one and a half years ago with no specific goals in my head. Soon, I realized that I’m a really bad writer. Every time I had ideas about a potential new post, I was stuck with putting them into a form that is concise, easy to follow and not just the regurgitation of the stuff I read.

On the other side, I do a lot of things that is not publishable. For example, would you think that one of the largest stock photo services had a bug that allowed the download of their files for free? I reported that, the issue got fixed, but got no other response. What would have happened if I wrote a post on the process? From a technical point of view, the bug was very easy to exploit (it was simply about changing the parameters in the request sent to the server and the response contained the high-quality files), but illegal as hell. Of course, writing down the process falls under freedom of speech, but by doing so one also acknowledges an act of “unauthorized use of a computer system”. That’s not a wise thing to do by any measures. Other stuff I do, like internal tool for a client company, involves non-disclosure agreements and are completely boring  for those not involved in the project.

Also, I’m very bad at teaching things to others. I love learning on my own and doing things on my own. I want to change that a little bit. Now, here’s 3 post categories I define as goals: 1) my side projects, 2) books I read, 3) article recommendations. Hopefully that will put me into the blogging mindset. I will take it as a success if I manage to produce at least 1 post per week for the rest of the year. If that happens, I will buy a WordPress premium to edit the template a bit.